Friday, February 25, 2011

Joy Perfume - vintage packaging

I know I've been all about the vintage stuff when it comes to joy perfume, but it's so cool to me because the fragrance has been around and popular for so long. Would you buy Joy perfume if it still came in packaging like this?




Joy Perfume packaging


A project for Illustration 2 (now known as Concepts + Metaphors). A packaging redesign of Jean Patou's Joy perfume, which is consider the most expensive commercial perfume you can buy. For my redesign I wanted to gear the perfume to a younger crowd, so I thought more fashion editorial. I took one of the definitions of the word Joy (4. a state of happiness or felicity) and made is into a textile.

I then later put the textile one a box template I made.

I found that joy perfume box's image on flickr, just an fyi!

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  1. Despite its many ingredients, Joy does not smell like a specific flower. According to Luca Turin, "the whole point of its formula was to achieve the platonic idea of a flower, not one particular earthly manifestation." The bottle was created by French architect and artisan Louis Süe and was designed to have a simple, classical feel.

    Joy perfume