Monday, March 28, 2011

Joy perfume, perfume center reviews

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Joy Perfume Reviews
Joy perfume was introduced by Jean Patou in 1930. This fragrance is a rush of jasmine and flowers that comes across as delicious and complete. The floral notes blend in well with the darker base of musk, moss, and woods; providing a feeling of comfort and sensuality that lasts long throughout the evening. Joy perfume is a more feminine fragrance than many from its time and brings a smile to the faces of the men that walk by.
Written by Staff
I was looking for something to lift my spirits and thought I would try the old classic, JOY. I liked the story behind its inception, the idea that it is not worn by everyone these days and after a long search I found it in a small but lovely Parfumerie in Aachen. Joy is very special, subtle, and clean yet has that unique complexity found in great perfumes. I love the way it slightly changes through out the day and am really happy when I have it on. Joy is aptly named.
Written by LA
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  1. Although from French descent, he reveres his American clientele too well that he created a perfume that contains double of the required essential oils, thus doubling or even tripling the price of perfumes of his time.

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